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It’s such a pleasure, no…an honour to have you here.


Welcome!  I’m SO happy you’re here. 

It’s such a pleasure, no…an honour to have you on and to share with you some of the highlights of my past, current, and plans for future adventures. 

Not nearly enough time was spent in capturing past productions (mine or others) but the team has put together a sample of everything we could as every, single time my feet hit the planks of the stage, it was in and of itself, a delicious journey that should be shared as much as possible.

I’m so very proud of my musicals and hope to share with you some of the background information and, where possible, behind the scenes tidbits that (thankfully) don’t make it on stage but are still absolutely part of the production itself.  

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Live Concert

It's a beautiful day!

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Whether you're looking for a voice actor for your training modules, video games, or your own special personal project, I've got just the voice for you.

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Bari-tenor for solos, duets, choirs, ensembles, flash-mobs and more

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With over a dozen arcade and online videos games, he brings your characters to life



With over 100 songs including four musicals, he composes country, Broadway, techno-swing, R&B and a little bit of hip-hop 

Playing Piano

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