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From his first full-length musical Without a Prayer to his latest smash hit 

Just Say the Word, you're in the front row to learn more!

“Is it worse losing someone, or never finding them at all?”

What if? - The musical

Live Concert

J.P. Chartier Musical Celebration

A humble evening of music, memories, friends, and a brand new play awaits you this one-night-only event!

Come join us as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of J.P. Chartier's first musical, "Without a Prayer". This fun-filled evening will include songs from all four of J.P.'s musicals performed by some of the most talented artists in Québec City.


Also, for the second part of this exciting evening, J.P. will be presenting his newest play called "If You Had the Time" just before bringing the show to Ottawa for a six-performance run.

Come share in an evening filled with over 25 singers and actors, a refreshing drink, and even a few surprises. 

We can't wait to see you!

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