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Welcome!  I’m SO happy you’re here. 

It’s such a pleasure, no…an honour to have you on and to share with you some of the highlights of my past, current, and plans for future adventures.
Not nearly enough time was spent in capturing past productions (mine or others) but the team has put together a sample of everything we could as every, single time my feet hit the planks of the stage, it was in and of itself, a delicious journey that should be shared as much as possible.


I’m so very proud of my musicals and hope to share with you some of the background information and, where possible, behind the scenes tidbits that (thankfully) don’t make it on stage but are still absolutely part of the production itself.  


Writing an original musical is, without a question, one of the biggest journeys I have ever been a part of.
Writing four original musicals boggles the mind but keeps me incredibly humble as I am grateful to be able to look back at the growth, the adventures, the families and above all, the love that was born and shared throughout each of the productions. 

Deeper in this website, you can find my top three proudest moments that I can’t wait to share with you.

For now, thank you for being here.  We can’t wait to show you more!

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I had three.  The first one was during the last show of the first run of my very first musical ‘Without a Prayer’.

It was a Saturday night.  We were just finishing our curtain call when I see out of the corner of my eye, my one-year-old son waiting for me in the wings.  He was brought out and I got to share the stage with him, in front of the warm cheers of the audience, and the cast and crew beside me.  It was a moment that even today brings tears to my eyes


I am proud to present ‘Wait’, the first prerelease from my upcoming musical “Just say the Word”.

This powerful trio of women each tell their own story of strength, desire, and ambition in the tale where giving doesn’t mean giving up.

Written by J.P. Chartier

Vocal arrangements by Zita Bombardier, Orchestration by Frédérick Desroches

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